Wednesday, September 19, 2018

When I Get Where I'm Going

A song for Elderly Three-toothed Dog:
When I Get Where I'm Going (Brad Paisley). 

When I get where I'm going
There'll be only happy tears
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years
And I'll leave my heart wide open
I will love and have no fear
Yeah, when I get where I'm going
Don't cry for me down here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Godspeed, My Fine Fur Friend

Be at peace, my buddy.

I hope we meet again someday. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Date with Destiny

Tomorrow is Elderly Three-toothed Dog's Date with Destiny. (We met with our usual vet today, who ever so kindly and gently told me that there is no hope. We opted to take one more day with our Fine Fur Friend, with the help of meds for comfort.)

He had a quiet afternoon. He rolled in the grass - his favorite thing - and took a good nap on the couch, and then he had a few mouthfuls of pizza for dinner. All is well.

He has had a good life with us. And I am grateful for the time together.

Good boy, Tio.

Home, For Now

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Waiting, Again

Tiny Dog rests in Elderly Three-toothed Dog's bed while we wait one more night. (He feels much better, although his labwork is still not good.) If we are very lucky, he may be home tomorrow. I am not sure what the future holds, although I am currently confident that he is doing reasonably well and that I will see him again soon. 

I try to think about how he has always been friendly and enjoys meeting new people. and that helps me to hope that he is not too worried or scared right now. Perhaps he is sleeping soundly. 

All of the people at his regular vet's office think he is very endearing. Hopefully he is getting some consoling attention at the animal hospital too. 

All day long, I have found myself listening for the jingle of his collar. I miss him. 

A Reprieve

I didn't want to call the animal hospital this morning, in case there was bad news about Elderly Three-toothed Dog, but I couldn't bear the thought of waiting for them to call me, either. So I picked up the phone.

He is doing well, with good vitals. Importantly, he ate breakfast "like a champ," informed the cheerful person on the line. Once they re-check his bloodwork, we will know when we can bring him home.

I am so glad that we have a little bit more time with him. He can sleep in his own nests, and bake his old bones on the patio with Tiny Dog. We will do whatever we can to make him comfortable, for as long as we have him with us.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Elderly three-toothed dog is ailing, and so we are visiting the weekend vet. Fortunately a new weekend vet has offices just a few miles from home. We are waiting for the results of his labwork now.

Let us hope that he is merely under the weather, and will perk up soon.

UPDATE 10:22 PM: Elderly three-toothed dog is entering kidney failure. Hopefully, 24 hours of IV fluids will help him flush out his system. We shall see.  I had to leave him at the emergency animal hospital for overnight treatment, and it broke my heart. I'm not ready to say goodbye yet.

What if he dies without me?

My stoic and elderly fur friend. I hope we have a bit more time together.