Friday, February 9, 2018

Good News Department

Herself speaks.

I got a call from Offspring the Third today. Though I am always pleased to hear from him, there are occasions when the phone rings and I worry: oh, no -- is everything OK? Does he have a computer problem I cannot solve? Peer/friend issues about which I can solely empathize, unable to provide solutions? Course difficulties? Frustration? Loneliness? Standard college-adjustment woes? He's a tender soul, Offspring the Third, and still on occasion benefits from a listening ear and patient assistance with problem-solving. (As do we all, in truth.)

Today, though, when I answered his call, he was quite cheerful. He'd gone to an informational meeting about becoming a counselor at the summer camp program for students about to matriculate as his college, and was quite excited about the idea. He explained the application process, the training for the counselors-to-be, and the expectations of the program, and we agreed that he would enjoy it and should apply. He confidently added that worst-case scenario, if he is not chosen as a counselor, there were still several projects he could do here at home over the summer.

He concluded the conversation by mentioning that he had joined a new group at college: players of his favorite video game, who get together periodically. He said that the college group was much better than the high school group, and that he'd learned that it was fruitless to be bitter about standings in the game, but that he should focus on enjoyment instead. (Quite a watershed conclusion for him.) He was on his way to get his game controller and go to a meeting, and so we said goodbye for the moment.

These may seem like mundane things, too small to be of note; yet for him, they are Tremendously Important. Offspring the Third is a social creature, and he thrives with ample company. I am absolutely delighted for him that he has found two new and divergent groups -- counselors and gamers -- with whom to interact. The more he finds companionship, the better he fares. And I rejoice on his behalf, that he is slowly, but surely, finding his own path through college and the world.

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