Saturday, October 29, 2016

171 to 5

Herself speaks.

Alas, because of the sudden and unexpected failure of the previous smartphone, I do not have a picture to show you of the first three moves of the game of Scrabble that I played with Cherished Friend a week ago. I shall give you the play-by-play, though:

He, having drawn a higher point tile, went first, with a seven-letter word gaining him a fifty-point bonus; I, with seven vowels in my hand, played aerie (a very good word, though not a high scoring one), for five points; and then he had his second turn, with a word using a second group of seven tiles to yield a second fifty-point bonus. And thus, after three moves, the score was 171 to 5.

I never quite caught up. In the end, the score was 388 to 196. It really was magnificently played Scrabble.

I do not feel remotely bad about losing so spectacularly. Rather, it is just such a pleasure to see a cleverly-played word, or a word carefully inserted among crowded letters, or a lengthy word discerned among the jumble of letters. I love to see words in action, and a master of words at work with them.

Image found here:
(with a history of Scrabble, in case you are interested)

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