Thursday, June 23, 2016

Elf Please

Herself speaks.

I need a House Elf. 

Despite having a migraine yesterday, I still needed to take Offspring the Third out to find appropriate clothing for a family event this weekend. We were successful; he was marvelously patient, and despite the paucity of appropriate garments for tall-and-thin gentlemen, we prevailed. 

The kitchen was left untidied at the end of the evening, though (too much throbbing of the brain to finish the tasks), and so I had to tackle it this morning. Never a good start to the day. I suppose I could have asked one of the other household members to tidy the kitchen, but frankly, my brain hurt too much to even formulate the question, or care about the kitchen at all, for that matter. If I had a House Elf, he or she would most likely have taken on the chore without a specific request. That is what I need most -- an Elf who will see what needs to be done and then do it, quietly and unobtrusively, and without my having to ask. 

Tonight, we must pack up; we are flying, rather than driving, so that adds several layers of complexity -- suitcases, miniature toiletries, and exact timing to get to the airport -- that would be absent in a car trip. Though I am looking forward to seeing the extended family, I am not looking forward to the journey. I do hope that Offspring the Second and Offspring the Third enjoy it. They deserve some down time and a weekend away from It All.

I will try to post a photograph or two from our adventures this weekend. We shall see how everything goes.

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  1. a house elf would be lovely ... I wish your travels be light and your headaches subside. I have been using EFT for the last month ... super helpful. this is the link I do most often, it is the best use of 11 mins I have found in helping me drop my shoulders, release some of the tension in my neck and allow me to face the rest of the day. I have only tried a few, but I see one for migraines.