Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dancing Queens

Herself speaks.

We attended Wedding Reception Number Two of the summer yesterday evening (with a slight sense of deja vu, since the event was held in the same location as for Wedding Reception Number One, exactly one week previously). Wedding Reception Number One had required active participation, as we had to perform as part of the "wedding court," as well as to use a surprisingly significant amount of mental energy to ensure that all three Offspring, plus my parents, were in attendance and had sufficient attention/care. In contrast, Wedding Reception Number Two was a much more relaxing occasion; it was naught but myself and Beloved Husband preparing to leave the house and attending the event.

There were two tiny tittle girls, who had served as flower girls during the ceremony, who were also at the reception. They seemed to enjoy alternately napping on various relatives' laps, and spending time on the dance floor. They were not remotely self-conscious, which was lovely to behold. They were just learning how to move rhythmically to the music, and focused primarily on spinning to make their special dresses fluff out into a circle around them.

Beloved Husband and I did some dancing, which was lovely. Of all of Beloved Husband's colleagues in attendance at the reception, though, only a very few stepped onto the dance floor, and those went only briefly. Seems such a shame to waste a dancing opportunity, I think.

At what point do people lose the childhood love of dance? Such a loss. Dancing is one of the very few expressions of love-of-life that adults allow themselves to enjoy. Imagine how much lighter our hearts would all be, if we let go of being self-conscious and allowed ourselves a moment to let the music move us all.


  1. YES! I wish we could all hold on to that "dance like no one is watching" idea!