Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Venus and Mars

Yesterday, Herself was speaking with a man who (she thoroughly suspects) has very firm beliefs about the proper division of labor in households -- especially division by traditional gender roles. She mentioned to him, as an explanation as to why she had been unable to speak with him earlier, that she has the new Project, which, though enjoyable, is quite time-consuming, and that between the Project and her regular employment, she's extremely busy.  And she joked: "I need a wife."

He uncomfortably laughed and said that he was just going to remain silent. And then he did. So, Herself politely changed the subject.

Every time Herself jokes about needing a wife, the reaction is divided precisely across gender lines. Women nod knowingly, "Me too!" Men look uncomfortable, change the subject, or fidget awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Why is this, I wonder?

Women and men, men and women. Two very different ways of seeing the world.

Perhaps we'll investigate a few thoughts about contrasting gender viewpoints over the next few days. It could be quite interesting.

Botticelli, Venus and Mars, found here

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