Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Herself will, with a 95% certainty, be starting a new and exciting project next week. (We shall henceforth call it, the Project.) The Project will involve a great deal of work; at the same time, it's also sort of a creative endeavor, and in that respect, she's looking forward to the Project. It's also rather terrifying. And did we mention the great deal of work? Oh, dear.

She's preparing, and still trying to maintain the household and do her Regular Work, and thinking about other Worrisome things, like the upcoming appointment of an extended-family member to find out the results of some tricky medical tests. And there are the few small tasks -- putting away the overnight bag she used when she went to visit Cherished Friend, tidying up Offspring the First's room -- that remind her that some of her favorite people are far away, and that Offspring the Second will be leaving to go back to school far away at the end of the week, and it's all exhausting and why can't they all be here playing Scrabble and cooking things and enjoying being not-busy together? 

Sigh. Alas.

But the moon was a thin crescent hung low in the sky over the orange glow of the sunset last night, and it was beautiful.  

We hope that everything will eventually be all right. We shall see.

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