Monday, October 10, 2016

Different Trail(er)s

Herself speaks.

The time has come for us to get rid of our family camper-trailer.


We have outgrown it; even more, though, the Offspring are nearly grown, and there is not enough time, and too much distance between them, to make a family RV trip a possibility any more.

It served us well. We went many places, and did many things. And even though the trailer is an inanimate object, I feel very sad for it, as if it is a horse put out to pasture.

Beloved Husband and I went this weekend to empty it of our possessions, so that it can be sold. And as I washed all of the blankets we'd stored there for use on trips, the scent of the trailer wafted out of the washing machine and hung quietly in the air. Aaaah.

It is so strange, the way a scent is tied to memories.

You might find me with my face pressed to the blankets, inhaling the scent, every now and then.

Perhaps new and different adventures await.

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