Thursday, May 12, 2016

X 6

Herself speaks.

I've been slowly plowing through episodes of The X Files as I use my elliptical trainer, and am now in the midst of Season 6. For the first time since I began watching the series, I skipped over an episode. (Actually, I skipped over two episodes, since it was a two-part story line.)

I'd just finished a "transported back in history" episode; I have plenty of trouble with such storylines, since I am always reminded of that Ray Bradbury short story, A Sound of Thunder, where the demise of a butterfly in the past changes the course of events in the future. The next two episodes were "body switching" episodes. And I just couldn't. The idea of two people exchanging bodies and having to pretend to be someone else, knowing what they know and behaving as they would behave, causes a level of squeamishness that I just cannot tolerate. I'm not sure why that is. It just is.

I've moved on to the next episodes, and am pleased that Scully and Mulder (and occasionally Skinner) are back to their usual, correct-time-period-and-body goings-on.

A few thoughts:

Will Scully and Mulder ever become romantically entangled? Part of me genuinely hopes not; they have such a lovely, intellectual, heartfelt companionship, that I can't help but think that romance would alter that somehow. On the other hand, perhaps being romantically involved is a natural progression, since they have been through so much together and understand one another so well. We shall see.

Could the show please weave Skinner into more episodes? He is a marvelous character: complex, carefully walking the line between duty to the bureau and support for Mulder and Scully's more bizarre cases. Conflicted, stern yet obviously caring, and intelligent (and, it must be said, quite attractive) -- more Skinner, please.

I am tired of Krychek.

I am also tired of the theme of "shutting down the X Files". Let's just let Mulder and Scully get back to work, shall we?

Also: I am not sure who is more attractive, Mulder or Scully. How did they manage to populate this show with such good-looking individuals? And their costuming is outstanding. I wish I could carry off Scully's crisply tailored pantsuits.

On the other hand, why are they so frequently wearing trenchcoats? Don't they get hot?

Do they carry flashlights in their pockets? They always seem to have one when they need one.

Could they please TURN ON THE LIGHTS in more episodes? Everything is so dark. Perhaps that explains the omnipresent flashlights, though.

What will happen next, I wonder?

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