Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rose Gold

Herself speaks.

I have shoes for the wedding in which I must participate.  They are "rose gold" in color, according to the description on the website at which I purchased them. They are surprisingly comfortable for fancy footwear. I like them very much.

I know that "blush" is not the right color for me at all; it is unflattering to my skin tone, my body type, and my age. (And as a side note, I also chafe mightily at the violent and neon pinks that permeate women's clothing, especially sportswear, these days. What on earth has been done to pink?) Nevertheless, way deep down inside, I do secretly harbor a little-girl love of all things pale pink and ruffly and feminine. To be enamored of pink at this stage in my life seems a bittersweet longing, to be young and dainty and girly. That will never happen. Alas.

Still: I have most satisfactory footwear for this event. And that, for now, is good enough.

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