Saturday, May 14, 2016

Clean All The Things

Herself speaks.

While I was working on The Project, I had to allow certain things to lapse - like the tidiness and rigorous cleaning of the house. Now that I am done, I devoted today to Cleaning All The Things. Thus far, I have:

Reorganized the pantry and the cupboard under the stairs
Cleaned the kitchen, including That Corner with all the Miscellany
Tidied all of the downstairs rooms and dusted a bit, too
Reorganized the closet in the Room of Requirement (eek)
Vacuumed and steam-cleaned all of the carpets downstairs
Cleaned the birdcage
Cleaned the hamster habitat
Mopped all the tile
Vacuumed the stairs
Taken care of five (or six?) loads of laundry, folded everything and put it away
Washed various dog beds and dog blankets
Cleaned three bathrooms
Put fresh sheets on Offspring the Second's bed, since he arrives late tonight

I think that might be it. Somehow it doesn't seem like all that much, really, when I write it down. Yet it has taken over ten hours to get this far. All that remains right now, though, is to put fresh sheets in the master bedroom and vacuum upstairs.

Poor house. It needed work. It is better and cleaner now. How long will it stay this way?

Thank you, Hyperbole and a Half. You are always magnificent. 

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