Sunday, February 21, 2016

Things I Want That I Cannot Have

It wasn't the lengthy discussion of the flaws in various aspects of the American political system, interspersed with commentary on problems in the price of education and accessibility and affordability of health care, that caused it; nor was it the contemplation of abuses of the various support systems intended to help (food stamps, social security disability, and such); nor was it even concerns about the scope of union activity or the ever-aggressive lobbyists for particular foodstuffs that contribute to market imbalances and health issues, that caused it. It was the one small statement, after the conclusion that all of the problems were interrelated and that the solutions are as-yet unidentifiable, that did it.

"We just need to go for a hike somewhere."

I don't think I've been as close to crying as I was at that moment.
I did not expect to react that way.

Yes. Yes, we do.

I wish I knew when.


  1. This feeling of overwhelm with all the issues in the world and in my life at present overcomes me, too. I was speaking with my niece who just went back to college at 25. She was also feeling very overwhelmed ... and she was wondering at whether she could find balance. I thought -- isn't this just what adulthood is like? Constantly trying to find your footing, feeling overwhelmed with all you cannot change, wondering at the world we are leaving behind, and sometimes having that ecstatic, happy moment because we stayed with what is just here now? I probably should have kept that one to myself.

  2. I'm glad you spoke up. "Overwhelmed" is the right word. Perhaps spending more time in the moment, rather than contemplating all that cannot be changed, would be helpful for me. Thank you. :)