Monday, February 15, 2016

Light My Fire

This is a bit of an oddly-arranged house: there is a large water heater downstairs that serves most of the house (including the master bedroom, kitchen, and laundry), and a small water heater upstairs that serves the Offsprings' rooms. Same for the furnaces/heaters. I can't quite figure out why it was set up that way; nevertheless, there it is.

Last week, the large water heater began leaking. Oh, dear. That was quite a puddle. We had the defunct water heater removed and replaced with a shiny new one pronto.

During the repairs, it was apparently necessary to shut of the natural gas line to the house temporarily. Not a problem, I thought; I wasn't doing any cooking anyway.

What we didn't realize is that this would, in fact, put out the pilot light on the small water heater upstairs.


While Offspring the Third used a different shower this morning, I contemplated the pilot light on the small water heater. I read the instructions. I followed them carefully. and LO AND BEHOLD, I managed to re-light the pilot light.

This was excellent, indeed.

To say that I am "uncomfortable" with appliances -- particularly ones that have "IT'LL BLOW UP" or "IT'LL ELECTROCUTE YOU" warnings upon them -- is an understatement. THE HORROR.  Yet, I managed.

I might be the tiniest bit proud of myself.

This lovely pilot light was found here:

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