Thursday, January 7, 2016


Offspring the First is nursing a broken heart. (Alas, my poor child. Fear not. There will be more love in the future, even though it seems impossible now.) And so, for her, a bit of Strong Woman music: P!nk, Timebomb.

I don't want to be precious
I don't want to feel stress
Life is for the living,
But not a living hell
So take it, take this,
Oh, you can have all of me
Take it, take this
Here, you can have everything
I don't want to be flawless
When I go I want the cuts to show
So take it, take this
Oh, you can have all of me
Break it, take it
Oh, f*ck it, have everything

It's only love, give it away
(It's only love)
You'll probably get it back again
(It's only love)
It's simple, it's a silly thing
Throw it away like a boomerang
I wish we all could lighten up
It's only love not a time bomb


  1. "If love were in the flesh I would burn it out with hot irons and be at peace. But it is in the soul, unreachable." Kahlil Gibran

    1. This is magnificent. I shall have to share it. Thank you. <3