Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snow Shovel

A few thoughts about the snow.

The snow started out mildly.
Just a dusting in the front of the house.

A bit more in the back of the house.

It was really rather poetic.

In the evening streetlight, it was lovely

And then, by the next morning, it was... quite abundant.

Eight-inch (or more?) caps of snow on all of the pots and plants.

The rose bushes were thoroughly weighted down by the snow.

The small dogs were most alarmed.
Even shoveling them a patch of grass was insufficient 
to console them.

It was nearly knee-deep to 6-foot-two-inch Offspring the Third.

He built a snowman.

He said, of the snowman:

"The dramatic snowman, built upon my likeness, is here to bid you all a late merry Christmas and an early happy new year. Also, a big thank you to Mrs. Clause, Jingle Bell, and Jangle Bell for talking to mother nature to get the heat miser to fork over some southern territory to snow miser to allow snow for his creation."

We spent the afternoon shoveling the driveway, lest it all melt-and-freeze. (Herself actually enjoys shoveling snow. I suppose it would be less enjoyable if it was necessary more often, but today, it was a pleasant task.) 

It was beautiful snow. We shall see how long it remains.

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