Thursday, October 29, 2015

People Who Love

People around town in this desert city:

1.  The young interracial lesbian couple holding hands at the stoplight and waiting to cross the street.  (Some day, couples like this will be commonplace and their small tender gesture -- holding hands -- will be unremarkable. Right here and right now, though, interracial and single-sex romantic relationships are still noteworthy, and outward affection is still brave.)

2. The slightly-more-than-middle-aged woman at the grocery store, wielding the modified cart with the extension designed to accommodate two small children, with a tremendously frail, white-haired, and eagle-eyed elderly person perched carefully in one of the seats. (It is magnificent to see that any sense of embarrassment one might have at needing to use a child-friendly cart as an adult was marvelously put aside for the sake of companionship during a trip to the store.)

3. The broadly smiling gentleman at the Goodwill drop-off station, exuding contentment and happiness and acknowledging his pleasure at accepting donations by requesting, and delivering, a brief hug. (And God bless you too, sir, even though I'm not entirely sure Who God is -- because to you, God is clearly real, and with you.)

Ordinary people going about their ordinary lives, one moment at a time: I see them, and know that they breathe love into the world just as flowers breathe their scent into the wind.

This cart was found here

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  1. I went to a poetry reading the other night and was inspired as I listened to write just one line for all the sights had taken in that tickled me ... not unlike this appreciation.. thanks, these are the moments we need to treasure (not the surly shopgirl moments I experienced this morning!)
    These are helpful reminders that beauty resides all around us, we only need to SEE and FEEL.