Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two Turtle Doves, and A Partridge in a Pear Tree

'Tis that season again:  the time of year when it is traditional to bestow presents upon a variety of people.  As we have mentioned before, Herself loves to give gifts. Every aspect of the act -- from careful thought, to selection, to wrapping -- is a pleasure. She does have a tendency to be shy about offering gifts, since she prefers to allow the receiver an opportunity for opening the present in private rather than to watch the unveiling.  Nevertheless, Christmastime is filled with enjoyable moments of gift-giving for her.

This year, she was a bit slow to get into the spirit of the season.  Mundane matters, too trivial to mention, have generated a general Bah, humbug sentiment that has prevailed for quite a while.

This afternoon, though, while curled up in her flannel sheets nursing a migraine, she had a small epiphany.  She was contemplating gifts for a particular person, and fretting that she had not found just the right book for that person, when an idea popped into her head -- a wonderful thought of a book that she believes will delight and entertain the person.  Through the glory of the internet and, she now eagerly awaits its shipment to her within the next few days, just in time for Christmas.  

There are fewer things more pleasant than the anticipation of bestowing what she feels will be a Very Good Gift upon someone for whom she cares.  She is happy.

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