Saturday, December 31, 2011

Highlights 2011

There were many hard parts of 2011.  In the spirit of New Year's Eve, though, we will let those difficulties go, and instead concentrate upon the highlights of the year.  They included:

a glorious trip to Carlsbad Caverns;

some pleasant hiking in the Franklin Mountains;

a marvelous visit to Aden crater;

a peaceful weekend in Davis Mountains State Park;

the earning of a black belt in taekwondo;

the final Harry Potter movie;

a visit with Herself's lovely sister;

the twentieth anniversary;

the ensconcing of Offspring the first at college;

a visit to the Gila cliff dwellings and City of Rocks;

an examination of the prehistoric trackways national monument;

the long-awaited and very satisfactory tent camping experience;

and a myriad small enjoyments - kitchen experiments; writings, both in the blog and beyond; and time spent with friends and family.

Thank you, my readers, for your encouraging presence throughout the year. I am enormously grateful for you.  I hope that the new year brings you health, happiness, and all good things. 

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