Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Questionable Musical Tastes, To Some

Confession:  I like James Blunt.  Not in an obsessive, screaming-Justin-Bieber-fan kind of way, but in a "if he ever has a concert near enough, I am SO THERE" manner.  I have his three albums; two books of piano music of his songs; and even a commercial DVD of a live performance of his.  If a song of his comes on the radio or appears in the shuffle on the iPod, I will always listen to it.  One does not skip over James Blunt.    

I particularly enjoy Tears and Rain and Cry from Back To Bedlam; I Really Want You and Same Mistake from All The Lost Souls; and  Into The Dark, No Tears, and Best Laid Plans from Some Kind Of Trouble.  For dancing: I'll Be Your Man works quite well. I'm also quite partial to his cover of Crowded House's Fall At Your Feet.  

I know others may scoff. I do not care.  Do not mock The James, for I am fond of him.

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