Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There were approximately 600 trick-or-treaters this year.  They came more gradually than last year, though, as we still had treats at 8:30 PM, in contrast to last year when everything was gone long before 8 o'clock.  There were many tiny pirates, the usual princesses, a few scary masks, and general good cheer all around.  Offspring the Second delighted in leaping out and frightening passers-by, and Offspring the Third was practically beside himself with excitement at the whole trick-or-treating bonanza. 

There was even a bit of pumpkin carving, too.  So impressed were they by the jack o'lanterns made by Offspring the Second and the Third and Cherished Friend, that Herself and her Beloved have already discussed decorating the yard for next year's Halloween with a great multitude of pumpkins. That will be excellent indeed. 

The most intricate, as well as carefully and patiently wrought, was the Star Wars Death Star.  Fabulous.

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