Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Small Nose

"You have a very small nose," the doctor said, as he put in the sutures. Apparently a larger nose is better for such things, but he managed to work well with the small nose just the same. 

As expected, MOHS surgery was necessary for a second time. It was not terrible, all things considered, though the sensation of having skin manipulated this way and that was distinctly unpleasant. It is a two centimeter line, and in time, it will likely fade just as the first one did.

My face hurts. There was only one day of significant pain last time, though, so I am hoping that by this time tomorrow, things will improve. 

(I was warned that my eyes might swell shut two to three days later. Oh, dear. Let us hope that does not happen.) 

I am glad it is finished. 

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