Sunday, June 18, 2017

Weekend Visit

Herself speaks.

When Cherished Friend lived in this corner of the desert, I kept a particular rectangular basket on the kitchen counter. He would put his keys and other accoutrements in it while over at the house for dinner, movies, Scrabble, whatnot. I always thought of it as being his own small personal space in the world of the household. When Cherished Friend moved away, I relocated the basket to a shelf of sentimental items in my study. It stays there most of the time, along with the coffee cup that is usually reserved especially for him.

Cherished Friend came for a visit this weekend. No particular reason, no special occasion -- just a marvelously ordinary couple of days which included dinner, a movie, Scrabble, whatnot. I put the basket back on the counter for his things. He fit seamlessly into the workings of the household, as he always does. We had the pleasure of his company, and I had the added enjoyment of seeing him interact with my other favorite people.

It was absolutely lovely to have him here.

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