Sunday, January 1, 2017


Twenty-seventeen --
My new year's resolution:
Take care of myself.

I spent much of my day today the way I spend many other days -- taking care of Stuff. I went to this store for something for Offspring the Second, to that place for something for Offspring the Third, and to the bank and the grocery store. I put dinner in the crock pot. I made meals for the small dogs. I ran some laundry.

I do not mind doing these things; in fact, I derive a bit of satisfaction from ensuring chores are done, errands are completed, and everyone is content and well tended. My inner house elf is pleased. 

Nevertheless, I have a single resolution for this year: to include myself in the list of People Of Whom I Take Care. 

It is very easy to put my own needs last. Yet if I do not take care of myself, I run the risk of giving away too much without replenishing -- and as the saying goes, "you cannot fill from an empty vessel."  So this year, I will make myself food; exercise more regularly; do things on occasion that gladden my heart; and take time for myself as needed. 

It seems weirdly selfish. But it is the right thing to do.

Small dog puts her own comfort first. 
Perhaps we should, on occasion, follow her example. 

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  1. Beautiful and apt resolution. May you be successful! :)