Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I will not write about the President.

I will, however, say the following: I am a little concerned about his wife.

There are small stories, brief videos, here and there and everywhere: how she and Donald Trump do not actually touch when they kiss; how he left her alone by the car rather than waiting for her to move forward with him to greet Barack and Michelle Obama; how their dancing at the inaugural ball was stilted and uncomfortable.

What a terrible thing, to have one's most important and intimate relationship so closely scrutinized by millions of people.

There is one film clip, though, that gave me a little bit of pause. It is shown here, for example. (And you can no doubt find it through any search engine.) He turns to her, she smiles broadly; he says something and then turns back again. Look how her face crumples as he turns away.

It's painful. And sad. What happened there? We do not know. We cannot even guess. It is clearly a difficult moment for her, though.

I know nothing about her or her relationship with her husband. All the same, I think that she probably did not expect them to be where they are now. And I suspect it is much more than she ever bargained for.

Good luck, Melania.

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  1. I think when the writers decided to crib directly from Michelle for Melania, it was very clear that she was in uncharted territory. It may or may not be indicative of some deeper meaning of their relationship. So far all we have seen does seem to point to her role being that of a doll -- whether or not she signed on for that is unknown. I think it says more about him and the way he treats women than it does about her. Either way, I feel for all women in his ambit, that includes all of us.