Monday, January 2, 2017

A Good Day

Today's agenda:
Achieve some sense of order
To start the new year.

Herself speaks.

Today, I accomplished A Few Things. 

I organized cabinets; scrubbed the stove; repotted a plant; denuded, disassembled, and put away the Christmas tree and all its accoutrements; rearranged the furniture in the front room back to its ordinary, Christmas-tree-less layout; made chili; fixed the vacuum with the help of a screwdriver and a bit of luck; prepared Offspring the Third's favorite lemon chicken; washed, folded, and put away five loads of laundry; cleaned a bathroom; scrubbed Rocky the hamster's habitat; made lunches for tomorrow; prepared a muffin mix for the morning; and made a quick run to the grocery store for additional supplies for the week. I think that's all. 

There are still More Things To Do. Nevertheless, I feel as though I have made a Good Start. And as an added bonus, there was a lovely sunset this evening. 

It was a satisfactory day, indeed.  

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