Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Left Branch Bundle Block

Herself speaks.

I am currently reading about weakened ventricular function that could be caused by a weakened cardiac artery or by left branch bundle block, and also about a bicuspid aortic valve with reflux and stenosis. It is highly specific reading, and now I know more about heart function than I ever did before. Why this particular subject? An older relative of mine -- whom I shall call "A", to preserve anonymity -- is facing all of these issues. Diagnostics are at hand, and a cardiac catheterization is on the calendar in a few weeks. "A" is sanguine (pardon the pun) about the whole state of affairs. A's spouse is rather agitated.

I am too far away from A to be of any use, either by attending a doctor's appointment or by bringing a meal. It is frustrating. I have always thought of A as being eternal, but this is another indication of A's advancing age and the slowing down of the bodily machinery. I am secretly worried. A is a magnificent person, and I cannot imagine... Beyond.

I have my brave face on. We shall see what transpires.

Heart bits found here: