Friday, December 16, 2016

If I Die Before You

Today's earworm: a lovely little bit of grim humor, from Cheryl Wheeler: If I Die Before You. I hope to carry on for several decades yet; and, when I go, I want this to be played for my loved ones. 

If I Die Before You
Words And Music By
Cheryl Wheeler

If I die before you
I don't care what you do
with the biology
that used to be me
Though I hope they don't sap me
for morbid display
And I hope that you're happy...
But not right away

The stuff in my closet
just jettison all
The pants are too short
The shoes are too small
The shirts are too big
What can I say?
Time, sloth and cannabis
made me that way

Treat the guitars like the treasures they are
They still have secrets to tell
They may not know why I had to go
and they've always been loved very well

If I die before you
It might not be all bad
You can turn down the heat
You can turn up the ads
You can reset the toaster
To maximum roast
And then butter the cinders
you like to call toast

I will send you a message
if ever I can
Just to tell you I'm fine
and it's not quite the end
Or I might not be able
I might just be dead
or it might really be
hot as they said.

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