Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Sometimes I worry about things over which I have virtually no control: like climate change. Poor Mother Earth, saddled with too many humans. We are slowly, inexorably, poisoning her systems and overusing her resources and creating garbage that cannot be destroyed. My turning off unused lights and recycling plastics has an infinitesimally small impact. Alas. What can I do?

Yet even in the face of eventual environmental catastrophe, Nature is still at work on the minute scale. Behold, two of the critters I have spotted while out for a late evening constitutional. It warms my heart to know that despite everything, Nature continues to thrive even in the footprints of humanity.

The wee snake - just over a foot long.

And the tiny tarantula, also taking a late evening constitutional.

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  1. it does make me think about how resilient so many species are ... and wonder if we are one of those