Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello Again

Herself speaks.

I am back, intrepid reader. I am glad to see you.

I was hoping that during the time away, I would be able to sort out all of my feelings; to contemplate Life and The Big Picture at length; and to find resolutions for the matters that make my heart ache.

Alas. I have not quite figured everything out yet. I became a bit stuck on Things: Things That I Cannot Have, Things That Will Never Be, Things That Have Passed Me By. Even though there is not much use in examining such Things in detail, sometimes they fall out of that box in the corner of my brain and need to be considered before I can put them away again.

Still, I have learned one thing:  I can be sad/angry/frustrated and do nothing, or I can be sad/angry/frustrated and do Something. So I shall, going forward, focus on the Somethings that I can do.

I am going to take things a bit easy here -- no strenuous posting, until I am thoroughly ready. Yet if I can find some small happiness or point of interest worth sharing, that will bring me a wee bit of joy. And that will, for now, be enough.

Here is a lovely sunset, especially for you.