Thursday, August 18, 2016


Herself speaks.

Offspring the Second is returning to college this weekend. Alas. It has been a pleasure to have him home. He is so very bright, and it is so very interesting to speak with him: he considers his point of  view carefully, always, and presents his arguments in a cohesive, cogent manner, whether we are discussing minutiae or Big Picture topics. I admire his way with words.

He is such a marvelous person. It's a privilege to know him.

This afternoon, we went to the store for snack foods for the trip. Ah, snack foods -- some of the small yet delightful pleasures in life. There is something that always feels bittersweet about snack foods to me, perhaps because there were years when we would go on family trips in the RV, and I was very careful to pick snack foods that I thought each person would particularly enjoy. Now, I so rarely have that opportunity, and the moments are becoming more and more scarce as the Offspring grow up and away.

Alas, for snack foods.

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