Friday, July 15, 2016


Herself speaks. 

Terrible things happened in Nice, France.

One man, with a large truck and a gun: 84 people are dead, including ten children. At least two of the victims were Americans -- a man and his son, from my home state, who had just recently visited Pamplona and Barcelona (just as Beloved Husband had; they were, in all likelihood, all in the same cities at the same time). Somehow, that makes it ever so close to home.

Running with the bulls: hazardous, to be sure. Yet ultimately, animal animus is far more comprehensible than human behavior. A bull is acting for survival, and is not malignant in thought or in action. People, on the other hand....

We are not safe, anywhere we go.

Reading the news becomes an impossible task. One cannot -- should not -- feel the terrible cumulative pain of individuals, of nations: it is too big. And yet to harden the heart against the pain of the world is to become less than human -- and thus, one step closer to the Demons who perpetrate the horrors.

What can we do?

The world is becoming a terrible place.

Who will save it?

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