Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Time

Herself speaks.

I filled out the paperwork to enroll Offspring the Third into the local school system -- for the very last time.

The paperwork was, as always, complex, repetitive, and annoying. Yet -- this was the very last time. At least it was online, instead of actual physical paper (as it was in the early days of Offspring education). Fewer trees perish for the paper of enrollment these days, and that is good.

Enrollment was bittersweet in a way.  (And made all the more poignant when I had to remove Cherished Friend from the list of emergency contacts. Alas. I would say, "I wish he still lived here," but really, that is selfish. I wish, above all, that he finds his contentment, wherever that may be. I do miss having him nearby, however.)

It is hard to believe that the time of school is coming to an end.

Suddenly, I feel old.

Yet also, I feel closer to having a wee bit less responsibility, as I work to hand over to Offspring the Third, the reins for his education. He will do well, wherever he goes. He is a Very Good Egg.

One more year. And one step at a time.

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