Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Herself speaks.

Yesterday afternoon, I ran a quick errand.  When I got back to my car and opened the door, for the briefest of moments I caught a scent reminiscent of the aroma of our camper-trailer. Aaaaah, the trailer - home to many adventures with Beloved Husband and the Offspring. Now the Offspring are nearly completely dispersed to their own adventures and we do not have the time or the togetherness to take a trip. There's a bittersweet scent-memory. 

In thinking about that scent-memory, I was reminded of one night late last week, when I was up until midnight or thereabouts working on the Project. I was nearly done with my tasks for the evening and was winding down, when I caught the very briefest of scents -- it was the aroma of Cherished Friend's house. It's a scent that we only rarely experience these days, now that he lives in a different corner of the desert. There's another bittersweet scent-memory. 

What to do when a scent-memory makes an appearance? (Besides wonder why.) The temptation is to inhale deeply, to capture as much of the aroma as possible. Yet to do so might dilute the scent-memory with too much air. And so instead, I hold my breath and remember as much as I can while the scent lingers.

I think my nose would like a vacation, with some of my favorite people, in some of my favorite places.

We shall see when we can take it out to find those joyful scents once again. 

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