Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Woman's Day

Herself speaks.

Today is International Woman's Day. I'll quote Offspring the Second from one of his social media accounts, because he has such a way with words:

A happy Women's Day to all my womanly associates on here, and their womanly associates as well I guess. Don't let anyone crush y'all's dreams of making it in law, STEM, technical and vocational fields, etc. And also don't let them stop you from doing that girly shit that you love doing. You shouldn't feel weird or wrong for doing things that are either "feminine" or not "feminine".

Now everyone go away, it's nap time.

This makes me just so very pleased. Bravo, Offspring the Second, for realizing that although women have come a long way, there are still societal issues and pressures we face. Thank you for understanding. 

I wonder, as a woman in a technical/specialized field usually populated by men, whether I somehow in some small way serve as role model. That would be an honor, indeed. 

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