Sunday, October 9, 2011


Yesterday, Herself, her Beloved, Offspring the Second and Offspring the Third, and Herself's Cherished Friend visited the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument.  The hiking was pleasant, and the weather was lovely.  Under the guidance of a ranger from the Bureau of Land Management, they hiked up into the monument and looked at trace fossils, and then poked around in an area replete with fossilized sea creatures.  Although many times they were unsure of whether a particular rock was some sort of fossil, or just a rock, it was quite interesting to try to imagine what was what.

The best part for Herself was watching the menfolk poke around and discover things. They climbed about, employed their rock hammers, dug and sifted and selected the most interesting items to show to Herself and to one another.  Such a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves.

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