Thursday, October 27, 2011


During the past couple of days, Herself has spent several hours cleaning and tidying the refrigerator, the freezer, and the pantry.  She also eliminated the large pile of orts and gobbets of family life that had taken up residence on the kitchen counter and was slowing growing, like a fungus.  Her plan for tomorrow is to rearrange the pots and pans in the cabinets. 

It's a bit odd.  I think that she is feeling a seasonal nesting need -- like a chipmunk preparing for winter -- and just happened to start in the kitchen.  She plans to spend one hour each morning on a small project, with the long-term goal of weeding and organizing the rest of the house, one room at a time.  She is enjoying the progress she has made so far; I think it will continue to be fruitful. We shall see!

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