Monday, October 24, 2011

Likin' Lichen

One of Herself's favorite classes in college was Biology of Plants.  She was a freshman, and most of the class participants were juniors; nevertheless, she was not intimidated, for the subject matter was so very fascinating.  The professor would sprinkle his lectures with interesting, plant-related anecdotes - and lo and behold, the anecdotes would turn up on the quizzes and exams.  Tricky.  The kind of learning Herself loved best. 

She is a little rusty now on xylem and phloem and rhizomes and such.  She has asked Offspring the Second to retrieve her textbook on plants from the depths of his room, so that she may refresh her recollection.  She looks forward to it.

Every time she is out in the wilderness, she looks for her favorite plants - lichens and mosses.  They are unassuming, yet immensely capable.  Beautiful to look at, and texturally interesting to the touch.  I am quite fond of them as well - one could say, I've taken a likin' to the lichen.  Hee.

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