Thursday, October 20, 2011


The other day, Herself and I came across an article regarding footwear. 

Men in heels.

Just, no.

While Herself is generally a live-and-let-live, equality between the sexes, sort of person, this fashion trend seems unsettling and inappropriate to her.  She admits to me that she's probably far more conservative than one would surmise, given her fairly liberal upbringing and schooling.  For her, certain things are in the domain of The Men, and other things reside in the territory of The Women.  While there may be occasional crossover (Herself periodically takes a vehicle to be inspected or to have the oil changed, and she is charmed, rather than discomfited, by a man who folds laundry or takes care of dishes), she tends to divide activities -- as well as certain types of garments -- along traditional gender lines.   

While men's cowboy boots, work boots, hiking boots, and so forth, may have a bit of a heel, that is not the issue here.  Rather, it is pointy, strappy, wedged, decorative footwear:  the stiletto, the pump, and other such shoes.  These, Herself feels, are solely for women.  It may not be the most politically correct position, but it is Herself's honest opinion.

Now that we have contemplated footwear, Herself feels a sudden urge to find an opportunity to wear high heels herself.  Much as she loves her hiking boots, every now and then, she longs to dress up in proper girly fashion.  And that is:  in heels.

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  1. Hey, those are nice! Glad they are on your feet and not mine...

    Maybe we go dancing next weekend?