Saturday, October 22, 2011


Herself and the family attended a Halloween party at her Pea-in-a-pod-friend's abode yesterday evening.  It was warm, friendly, and entertaining.  There were seasonal foodstuffs, movies appropriate for the holiday, and a slightly smoky fire in the firepit in the back yard.  A good time was had, particularly by Offspring the Second and Offspring the Third.  It pleases her enormously when the Offspring have an opportunity to spend time with their friends and peers.  Good for them.

Since it was a Halloween festivity, everyone went in costume.  Herself eschewed her traditional Trinity (Matrix) costume in favor of something new.  She opted this year for a Star Trek (Original Series) uniform (blue, for science officer, naturally) T-shirt dress, along with the requisite tights and knee-high boots. Slightly nerdy, but humorous. Fun!

A bit like Uhura - well, that was the goal, anyway. 

It was a good outfit - in theory.  In reality, Herself could not shake the feeling that it might be just a wee bit too short, or a wee bit too revealing.  Is it inappropriate for her to dress in something somewhat clingy?  Is it alarming, disconcerting, unpleasant for those who see her? 

The real question in her head:  is she just too hefty? 

She tries hard.  She exercises.  She attempts to eat right.  She makes a solid effort to keep in shape.  Yet when she looks in the mirror, she is unhappy.  She does not like what she sees.  There is too much of her.  Too much cleavage.  Much too much cleavage.  Also, too much tummy, too much thigh. Too much ass.  She turns away, and attempts to reassure herself by reminding herself that she's a middle-aged woman, and thus, invisible to the general population anyway. 

She is sad. 

I don't know how to help her feel better about herself.

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