Monday, October 17, 2011

Camping: It Was Good.

Ah, camping.  It was Very Good Indeed.  I will tell you a bit about it and show you just a few of the many pictures.

Herself got up exceptionally early Saturday to ensure that the food was packed properly and the house was clean (she tries very hard to leave things tidy so that homecoming is pleasant).  Her Cherished Friend arrived a bit before dawn, and he, she and her Beloved packed up the various bins of equipment. Offspring the Second and Offspring the Third, who had been roused quite early as well, consumed a bit of breakfast, and then off we all went to the Gila Wilderness.

A pleasant campground was found in due course, and they set up the campsite.  Tents sprouted like mushrooms; chairs were arranged; tables were set; firewood was placed. 

After a late brunch, there was tree-climbing.  Herself loves to climb trees.

Later, off we all went for a short hike and exploration of a wash with interesting terrain, rocks, and insects.  There was a bit of water, clumps of algae, and purposeful red beetles.

As the sun started to set, we returned to camp, had a meal, and sat around the campfire until all the stars came out.  So relaxing.

Overnight, it was rather unexpectedly chilly.  There were howls of coyotes, hoots of an owl or two, and bright light from the nearly-full moon.

Emerging from the sleeping bags in the morning was rather difficult.  Everyone donned multiple layers of clothes (Herself informed me that a cold brassiere is not a pleasant experience) and the campfire was started up once more.  After a leisurely morning, camp was packed up, and off we all went to the City of Rocks.

There, we found a wee little rattlesnake.  We watched with considerable interest when the rangers arrived and removed it to a safer location with the aid of a large trash can and a very long pole. 

After a bit of a snack, Herself took a short nap in the shade of a rock while the menfolk climbed the rocks and explored a bit.  Then it was time to go.

It was a lot of pleasant adventure in a mere 37 hours away from home.

Herself was very pleased.  Spending time out in nature, away from It All, is always one of Herself's greatest pleasures.  Finally being able to use her tent and her sleeping bag was a long-held dream come true.  Watching the four menfolk relax and enjoy themselves, far away from the burdens of work and school, was marvelous to behold.  Her heart was full.

We will go camping again one day.  Soon, I hope.

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