Sunday, January 7, 2018

Rage in the Machine

Herself speaks.

Sometimes a migraine persists in an undercurrent, like a just-healed wintertime crack in the tip of a finger that threatens to open up again. This is one of those lingering times. I am inexplicably angry, and everything is Very Loud, and the amount of energy required to overcome inertia seems to be far, far more than usual.

Despite this Black Cloud of Headache/Anger, it was a lovely day outside. So I took elderly three-toothed dog for a slow amble around the block, allowing him to sniff every blade of grass he desired at his leisure. It was soothing to be outside in the waning afternoon light.

I have a tremendous longing to be outside, away, with tent and camp chair, simple stove and simple needs. It is almost a visceral desire, to be among trees and under the sky. I shall keep the kernel of this idea warm inside my heart, for it shall be the Happy Place to which I return when the outside world is unduly pressing.

I will see you there.

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