Friday, September 8, 2017


Two weeks ago, Tiny Dog had her annual checkup. For the first time, the vet noticed a heart murmur. It sometimes happens, especially with small dogs, we were told. We weren't necessarily surprised -- elderly Three-toothed Dog also has a heart murmur. (His is more expected, given his advanced age of nearly 13.) Hers was a grade 2, possibly grade 3, out of six. Not so bad. His has been consistently at a 4 for a year now.  

We went in for a follow-up visit this week to check how Tiny Dog is faring on the new heart meds. She outwardly seems to be doing well -- she has her usual pep and sassiness, eats well, barks vigorously, sleeps comfortably. Nevertheless, in the span of the fortnight between the two appointments, her murmur had increased in severity, to a 4 of 6. That's more alarming, especially in a relatively young dog. Furthermore, she had no signs of fever or other illness that would might indicate a viral infection that might temporarily be affecting her heart. 

Options presented included: wait and see how much worse it gets; or do some additional testing to see what we are up against. There was no question, really. She will go in next week for the diagnostics. 

I think about how much Beloved Husband and the Offspring love this Tiny Dog, and I know they will be devastated if there is Something Very Wrong with Tiny Dog. Because I understand the biological mechanics, I know there are some terrible possibilities, as well as -- have mercy -- some much more benign ones. All we can do for now is to hope that, with some luck and some good medications, we will have Tiny Dog for many years to come. 

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