Saturday, July 30, 2016


Today is Neville Longbottom's birthday. Happy birthday, you marvelous fictional character, who showed us that even those who seem to be untalented, awkward, and even clumsy, can nevertheless -- with a little faith from friends -- blossom into marvelous, magical, enchanted-snake-slaying heroes.

We have reached the "Harry Potter point" in the summer.

I remember that whenever I would read a new Harry Potter book, I would wonder why Harry bemoaned the length of the summer so much; it was just two months for him, and yet he would nevertheless sink into despair after just a few weeks with the Dursleys.  Geez, Harry, be patient. Get a grip.

And then invariably, every summer, I would stop wondering and completely understand.

We are not sinking into despair here; nevertheless, we now thoroughly long for the routine and predictability of the school year.

I always loved school. And if school had been as marvelous as Hogwarts, I would never have wanted to leave.

Perhaps someday I will go back to school and learn new things. That would be Good.

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