Friday, December 16, 2011

Bah Humbug

Offspring the Third desperately wanted a Christmas-themed T-shirt to wear to school today.  He brought down a white shirt and proposed that a Santa hat be generated upon it.  He suggested the use of permanent markers (decoration of one's t-shirts with markers is a common occurrence in the household).  Herself smelled potential disaster in the use of permanent markers (one mistake would no doubt cause the implosion of the planet); fortunately, there was a plethora of felt available.  And lo and behold, a T-shirt was made. 

Herself's thoughts:  Why, CERTAINLY, youngest child, I would be DELIGHTED to manufacture a Christmas-themed T-shirt for you RIGHT NOW ten minutes before you must leave for school, with all the MULTITUDE OF CRAFTY TALENTS that I do not have. It's not vexing at all that you did not remember to mention it yesterday evening when I told you I was going out to help your father do some shopping for his office staff, even though that would have been the PERFECT time to say, is there a chance you could pick me up a T-shirt while you are out? And the fact that all of my hot glue gun glue sticks are mysteriously missing so that I have to use a pencil to jam the last mangy crumbs of glue stick through both wretched glue guns to complete the project? NO PROBLEM!

Herself's consolation: a couple of handfuls of chocolate chips.  Ah, chocolate, you soothe frayed nerves.  We will regret your consumption later, I'm sure, but we appreciate your help now.

Herself's creation, as modeled by Offspring the Third:

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